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On/Off-Site staffing

eSoft understands an organisation's business and staffing needs and caters to the right. Our recruitment managers provide qualified personnel who can work on and off-site according to the business necessities.
eSoft consultants handle all the recruiting, screening, and dispatching of these new consultants, in addition to completing all employment processes, so your team can focus on the business.

On-Site Staffing

To accommodate emergency and project requests, eSoft Consultants work to hire qualified personnel who are local to an organisation's facility and work on-site to assist their team with any technical or administrative projects. To complete the process and fit new executives into the office's table - we train, orient, and understand the new resources before placing them at the office location to help them better understand the job requirements, client expectations, organisation protocols, and employee culture.

Off-Site Staffing

The logistic hassles to provide desks, phones, computers, a physical location for new team members in a cramped office space is a hassle that many organisations face. To accommodate the additional influx of employees, eSoft Consulting Ltd has developed a clear solution that encompasses relocation, screening, and placement of employees at our facilities and enables them to work remotely.
eSoft's Off-Site hiring model includes training, hiring, and day-to-day reporting to the parent entity, details on any issues, open and completed tasks.