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Integrated Surveillance Solutions

Today’s contemporary world faces a broad spectrum of threats ranging from natural calamities, terrorism, rising crime rates, civil unrests, shootings, and other emergencies - which should be tackled effectively and efficiently. To mitigate such threats, the concerned officials need real-time insights, information, communication, and of course, rapid-decision-making systems. In such cases, Integrated Surveillance Solutions is a fully-modernised security solution that proffers a holistic approach to counter such emergencies and unexpected situations.

A holistic approach

With advances in technology enabling far superior interoperability and seamless communication through unified networks, it has become easy to collect, navigate, and operational information throughout multiple systems. eSoft Consulting Ltd has taken advantage of this to ensure seamless communication and centralisation of security at every corner, enabling a safer place and immediate response. eSoft provides the core of public safety, following the three elements; monitoring, communication, and mobility, and connects these three via an Integrated Command and Control centre, enabling actionable insights and speedy security incident resolutions.

With eSoft

eSoft enables a holistic and safer approach to security with our Integrated Surveillance Solutions, which enable the bodies to identify and rectify emergencies in no time. By proffering insights data, to monitor, communicate, and mobilise, we diminish the element of risk and maintain an optimum stage of security level.