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Integrated Command and Control Centre

IT isn't limited to software development, deployment, application designing, or database management but is a wide array of operations commencing at the end specifications, infrastructure requirement, and management. Integrated Command and Control Centre manage the critical operational elements required for efficiently & effectively leveraging technology, information and data to provide a scalable solution to the end-user.

Comprehensive IT Operations

At eSoft, our goal is to minimize downtime and maintain optimum business productivity. And to accomplish that, we constantly strive to enhance agility and security solutions that proffer customer-centric and one-stop solutions to every customer. In addition, in order to achieve compliance to standards and adaptability to a dynamic environment, we’re adopting emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things for cost efficiencies & enhanced revenues.

With eSoft

eSoft constantly works to proffer customer-based solutions to our clients, reduce duplication of effort, and be their one-stop solution for scalable and dynamic Integrated Command and Control Centre. We have facilitated ICCC Solutions that have strengthened communication systems to ensure adequate and timely execution of all user-related services and internal services.