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Infrastructure Management

eSoft understands the complexities involved in IT infrastructure management. We thrive on proffering hassle-free infrastructure management experience with effective tech, tools, techniques for deploying, migrating, and supporting infrastructure systems and resources.

Planning and solutions

Offering end-to-end IT infrastructure management solutions to deliver maximum business efficacy and results, eSoft, includes software applications and networking components. We provide expertise to our clientele in public and private domains, with infrastructure management solutions involving private local area networks, VPNs, virtualization systems, cloud-based architectures, data centers, and many.

Comprehensive management support

eSoft has designed a custom infrastructure solution by understanding business necessities, challenges, and capacity considerations. Maintaining visibility over IT infrastructure by collecting and aggregating customised reports and dashboarding features, eSoft ensures IT operators gain unprecedented insight and oversight of performance and security for all elements of IT infrastructure with effective continuity of operations and is ever-ready for disaster recovery and system failure contingencies, interoperability, and configuration management by employing sophisticated and optimal approach.