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Empowering innovation

Ideathon is the perfect platform you need to innovate, create, and adapt with a rich innovation management platform that offers flawless features and functionalities, easing and empowering you to make your breakthrough experience for your customers, business, and employees.

Ideathon flow

Drive quality, innovation, and strategic solutions to your business. We help you automate your business to give you a holistic perspective and keep track of your budget and investment.
Create Challenges > Publish Challenges > Submit Idea > Publish Idea > Idea Evaluation > Convert to Project > Submit Project Charter > Approve Project Charter > Submit Project > Project Approval > Create BPS

Ideathon App

Challenge management
Manage challenges within your organisation, faced by your employees or customers, with innovative solutions.

Idea implementation
Define your requirements and watch them turn into implementable projects.

Idea management
Post your ideas track their progress on a personalised dashboard. Get feedback and votes to assess your idea’s efficacy to solve your business challenges.

Best practices management
Manage best practices by cloning solutions while implementing them in your business to find out your organisation’s growth potential.

Points and reward management
Enhance employee engagement and productivity. Offer points, rewards, and recognition through the leaderboard.

Ideathon features
Ideathon possesses multiple features that give you the power to innovate, create, and manage your ideas as well as your business growth.

Features of Ideathon
Minimalist designs
Easy form creation
Category master
Idea implementation
Evaluation metrics
Email templates
Custom workflow and approvals
Robust authentication
Role bases access control
Data protection