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Early Warning Management System

Early Warning Management systems proffer relevant and timely information before a disaster to make informed and take decisions. The system is mainly composed of a core of communications management to keep us communicated before any emergencies, disasters, and other situations, to help us make effective decisions and minimize the risk.

The framework

eSoft Consulting Ltd has an expert team and cutting-edge technology to develop a sophisticated Early Warning Management System that can work effectively and provide timely alerts. Made up of four phases in the initial framework, the Early Warning Management System, composed of these four phases to make the entire system work effectively.

The four phases are:
  • Risk assessment based on historic experience and human, social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities.
  • Monitoring and forecasting a possible disaster to generate accurate warnings on time Clear, understandable warnings to those at risk.
  • Regional, national and community level communication channels must be identified in advance.
  • Emergency response activities once the warning has been issued.

    • What eSoft have to offer?

      Early Warning Management System is based on a standard altering protocol that interfaces with incident and emergency management systems to alert concerned people before the emergency. eSoft has designed this to provide rapid, reliable, and effective communication to the public and concerned authorities to evade major disasters. The network is designed to integrate various systems into one modern network and update them in terms of communication.