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The government of India is already in the process of implementing the Transparent Recruitment Process, which is more effective, transparent, and automated, proffering accurate and precise solutions in hiring the uniformed forces.
eSoft Consulting offers remarkable eRecruitment solutions for 20 years, with a core to fulfill clients’ needs and provide end-to-end business solutions by being a one-stop-shop of the complete recruitment cycle with the most sophisticated tools and technologies resources, and approaches.

Recruitment Services for Uniformed Forces:

Application Stage:
eSoft caters to both online and offline recruitment processes, where you can choose one according to your recruitment needs.

OMR/ICR based application processing:
Design and printing of OMR/ICR application kit:
The OMR/ICR application form is designed and printed, adhering to the industry best practices, and designed in the format with provisions for left and right thumb impressions, photograph affixing, and an instruction booklet.

Preliminary application verification:
A team deputed by the concerned department will segregate the OMR application form, checklist, and documents, verify whether the applicant has submitted the documents mentioned in the sheet and the checklist status, and enter the same into the eRecruitment software application.

Form processing and data extraction:
The separated OMR applications will be transferred to the data evaluation, as the data extracted will contain every minute of information about the applicant.

Segregation of eligible and ineligible applications:
eRecruitment software handles multiple applications, categorizes them as duplicates, and also analyzes the data mentioned in the applications to segregate applicants whether they’re eligible or not for the mentioned criteria.

Issuing of Admit cards:
eRecruitment software would allocate different district venues to each candidate depending on their application number, generate admit cards, send them to each applicant’s address, and upload them to the website if any applicant didn’t recieve the admit card.
Nonetheless, an applicant can keep track of their application status on the website.

OMR/ICR form processing:
Form processing is a procedure where the applicant, written examination sheets fill the information, and others are converted into electronic forms.
The extracted data from OMR/ICR sheet is accurate, precise, and reliable for processing. And data that the machine is uncertain about will be verified by a human operator. Verified data will be saved in a database in a well-controlled, compact, and scalable approach.

Field Test

Physical Standard Test:
Once the candidate has completed his scrutiny, a process of verifying the applicant’s admit card, original certificates, and eligibility, he’ll be processed to the physical standard test, where the test process involves height, chest inspiration, and expansion for males height and weight for females.
The data taken from the applicant will be directly uploaded to the eRecruitment website, and ineligible candidates will get a rejection slip, and they will not be considered for further events.

Physical Efficacy Test:
Physical Efficacy Test will be conducted for applicants who have cleared PST, and the distance and duration will be as per the department policy.
A sufficient number of registration counters will be made available for the candidates. In addition, the data from the database will be used during registration, including biometric fingerprint collection for candidate authentication.
After this process, RFID race equipment will be made available at the points based on the department’s consent. The RFID race completion time, collected by state-of-the-art tech and CCTV cameras, will be handed over to authorized officials by the board.
The results of candidates who have successfully finished the race within the stipulated time will be transferred to the eRecruitment website. Then, they will be entitled to participate in the next recruitment phase. The rest will get a rejection letter.