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Having a workforce who are skilled is essential for any business operations. eSoft understands the need of our industry partners, and we cater to practical solutions that help our clients meet the need of having a competent workforce to take out any task with ease.
Opt for a workforce strategy that gives you flexibility, choice, quality, availability, and cost-efficiency. eSoft works with businesses with varied recruitment challenges, from a short-term need for personnel or a mass contract hiring of a project staffing requirement for a superior multi-skilled workforce to meet your multi-faceted needs.


eSoft proffers contract-to-hire services that allow organisations to hire and work with talented and suitable candidates before extending to a full-time or long-term commitment. With eSoft's contract-to-hire services, your team can hire, understand a potential resource's expertise, how they can fit into your table, how they can cope with your existing team and gives you a chance to analyse whether to include them in your future staffing plans or not.

Eliminating risk

With contract-to-hire by eSoft, you can eliminate the potential risk in your whole recruitment process. Our eSoft's core resources help you hire the right prospects with a demonstrated skillset and capabilities to meet your organisational needs. With demonstratable results and performance of the employee, the entity decides to give a long-term commitment to the candidate or not.