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Campus Management System

Offering a cloud of applications that connects all entities within an educational institution onto a single platform, is made available for web and applications, eSoft core includes two sub-component applications, CMS (College Management System) and UMS (University Management System).

How advantageous is this?

The Campus Management System offered by eSoft consulting encompasses a plethora of advantages and can connect multiple dependent entities into one, helps organisations plan, manage, and communicate, and involves powerful tools to analyse, automate, and report.

Used tech and outcomes

eSoft’s CMS development involves multi-faced processes like front-end, back-end, and other complementing architecture with sophisticated technologies. There’ll be custom-made dashboards with elements unique to their interests and offer various communication modes, academic modules comprising course plans, exam plans, management solutions, and administrative assistance. Additionally, there’ll be value adds and a chairman dashboard that serves their purpose inarguably.