eSoft has included IT Consulting as a core solution for most of our 20+ year operating history. The company has a long track record of providing technical resources that satisfy the requirements of our largest customers in terms of technical capability, soft skills, and domain knowledge. In order to meet customer staffing requirements quickly and effectively, eSoft has established a robust global resourcing engine that consists of a dedicated team of experienced technical recruiters implementing established and effective processes supported by robust technical and operational infrastructure. eSoft is committed to providing our customers with highly skilled technical resources that have been prepared to deliver productivity immediately upon deployment in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our services.

    eSoft provides a wide range of options to our customers, including:
  • A range of engagement models: a single resource to focused teams to full project staffing.
  • Multiple delivery modes: onsite, offsite, hybrid.
  • A range of engagement durations: short-term to multi-year.

Although eSoft is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements for IT resources (including hard-to-find skills), the company has extensive experience and a proven track record of providing IT Consulting services to specific industries and providing technical resources with specific technical skills.