Testing Services

"Poor testing is one of the four leading causes of schedule and budget overruns and outright cancellation of projects." - Capers Jones, software quality industry expert and author, in his book Estimating Software Costs.

We bring our skill, practice-based testing solutions, leadership, and experience to meet the challenge of even the most demanding requirements. eSoft software testing services can help you to test more software, better, faster and at less cost. We focus on traditional software testing practices. These comprise of four areas of focus:

  • Exploratory Testing and Black Box Testing
  • Code Review and White box Testing
  • API Testing
  • Database Testing

As you read through these sections, whatever your traditional software testing needs, eSoft can:

  • Augment your existing QA staff,small to large team implementations
  • Provide a complete outsourced testing solution
  • Deliver testing expertise as you're building a new product or quality assurance group
  • Extend your quality-assurance capabilities.