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Enterprise - QMS

QMS - (Quality Management System )

  • Organizations implement standards to mainly improve
  • (a) Quality (b) Productivity (c) Customer Satisfaction.
  • Helps in tracking/monitoring the effectiveness of the same by measuring and quantifying .
  • Helps in evaluating the implemented process.
  • It helps in tracking data related to WCM & ISO. It helps in creating motivation to the teams by selecting a best team based on their performance.
  • New benchmarks can be set per parameter for Comparison and motivation.
  • The workflow is built-in.
  • The in-built Audit system helps in simplifying the audit process, approval system
    and generating different audit reports.
  • It consists of both WCM & ISO audits like QCDIP, ICS, 5S, Self-Autonomous, NCR
    and Auditor Observation.
  • Helps to analyze the progress of each parameter in QCDIP (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Innovation and Production).
  • Helps in monitoring Internal Customer Satisfaction among the teams with in the

QMS Overview

  • Dynamic QCDIP audit sheets can be created and assigned to different teams.
  • Selected auditors are assigned for auditing all the teams.
  • Auditors key in the current observation/remarks per parameter in the QCDIP Monthly Evaluation audit sheet.
  • Keyed in audit values are compared against the pre-configured Audit Guidelines and Yearly-Monthly Targets per parameter - different for each team.